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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought this fast-moving world to a standstill. The impact of this pandemic is massive, and the only strategy to curb the rapid spread of the disease is to follow social distancing. The imposed lockdown, resulting in the closure of business activities, public places, fitness and activity centers, and overall social life, has hampered many aspects of the lives of people including routine fitness activities of fitness freaks, which has resulted in various psychological issues and serious fitness and health concerns. The story must be same for everyone now . Here i would like to share my own story on how i managed to buy home treadmill for doing exercise to maintain my healthfitness which definitely has some role in boosting your immunity and mental status to fight the COVID 19 menace. Best and top home treadmill in 2021 .

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I am sure many of you might be eager to buy home treadmill but confused and must be surfing the website / blogs and youtube video for buying the best treadmill for yourself . Same thing happened with me 10 months back after experiencing the lockdown. I could not find any genuine expert advice from those website and youtube video and finally bought on my own research. Luckily it worked and here i am happily using my treadmill without any problem till date.

So here i would suggest some best tips and advice for buying best products for home treadmill. I definitely would not recommend any company or the product i am using since treadmill are all based on electronic / electrical tech and one of you might get the defective piece sometimes out of all stocks. Remember here I am highlighting only the Home Treadmills not the treadmills for Gym and fitness center. Best and top home treadmill in 2021 in India.

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You need to decide whether to buy from online or from health fitness store or showroom. Here you should know that buying from online is always cheaper and saves you a lot of money. You get a difference of almost 10000 to 20000/-. Thanks to Jeff Bejos for bringing online shops to home. I got mine through Flipkart and did the installation by self . you don’t need extra installation service for this as this are not rocket science process. I visited many treadmills shop but cost comparison was too high for the same product available in online. Best and top home treadmill in 2021 in India.

Now check your budget . Most of the good home treadmill are available under rs 15000 to rs 50000. You need not buy costly one as those are meant for gym and fitness center. We are hardly going to use our home treadmill for half to 1 hour on daily basis.

Always buy the motorized treadmill . Please do not buy manual just to save money , it will be a futile investment.

AC or DC motor – AC MOTOR motorized treadmills are always better for longer use and durability but it is costly . Only cheaper price available AC motor online are from POWERMAX and RPM company about rs 43000 to rs 55000/-. Most of the showroom sells AC Motor from rs 70000 onwards. Here i do not mean that DC motor are bad , infact if your budget are less than 30000 and if your purpose is only for homeuse / walking/ 30 -45 minute daily use then buy DC.

The treadmill motor is the heart of the treadmill which pushes the belt around. Not all motors are made equal, and the quality difference can mean day and night. Some factors that are important to know about motors:

Is the motor AC powered or DC powered?
Generally, treadmills designed for home use are powered by DC motors.

What is the HP (horsepower) of the motor?
HP is how much power the motor can generate. Think of this at the engine cc used in vehicles. The higher the HP, the more power the motor generates.

Motor noise
A good motor should not make much noise. You should not be able to hear the motor during operation.

Operation Time
A good motor with good cooling will allow you to run longer on the treadmill. The longer the operation time, the better the motor is.

DC motor treadmill can be continuously used for 40-50 minutes based on user body weight. After that, it needs 20 minutes of rest and then again be used for 40-50 minutes In the case of the treadmill with AC motor, it can be used continuously. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of Dc motor is that it’s less noisy and consumes less power as compared to ac motor. However normally one would not use more than 50 minutes for each session.

A general guideline on motor powers is as follows:

  • 2.0 HP motor : Ideal for walking
  • 2.5 HP motor : Ideal for light jogging
  • 3.0 HP motor : Ideal for running

Also note that if a person above 90 kg is going to use the treadmill, opt for a higher HP motor for smooth operations of the treadmill.

An Important Thing To Know About Motors

HP is the amount of power the motor generates. But some manufacturers intentionally or unintentionally misguide customers by using terms such as peak HP and continuous HP. It’s important to know what these are.

Peak HP is like the max speed on your vehicle. Technically your vehicle can reach the speed, but it won’t sustain that speed. Also, continuously operating at the max speed will damage the engine.

For treadmills, peak HP is a value that your treadmill motor can reach but can’t sustain. Operating always on peak HP will damage your motor.

Continuous HP means the HP that your motor can sustain for long use without issues. Using a motor at continuous HP should not cause noise, jitters or inconsistent speeds from the motor.

Always consider the continuous HP for buying the product not the peak HP.

Minimum Specifications: These are the other things to look for include:

Belt size :  For running, the belt should be at least 48 inches long and 18 inches wide. If you are over 6 feet tall, you would need at least a 52-inch belt for walking and a 54-inch belt for running.

Height is very important as tall human beings need longer running surface in a treadmill for a comfortable and smooth stride.
For Example: For a person with 5.7 Ft’ height– running surface of minimum 48 inches in Length & 16 inches in width is idle.
For a 6 feet person, ideal running surface should be minimum 54 inches in Length x 19- 20 inches in width.

I personally feel you should buy belt size of 18 inch width and more . Belt width matters a lot finally during exercises.

Speed:  If you plan on running, get a treadmill that goes up to 14 km or higher.

Incline:  Get a treadmill with an incline that goes up to 10 percent or higher. If the treadmill has a decline feature, that is also valuable to give a better simulation of outdoor running conditions. Auto incline is always better as it can be done through switch button while jogging . Manual can be boring in long run.

Cushioning: The running bed should absorb shock and the belt shouldn’t move around with every foot-strike.

Stability:  The treadmill shouldn’t shake when you run or walk on it and the frame should remain stable.

Control panel:  It should be within reach and simple to use.

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Maximum weight capacity ;

This is a consideration if you are a larger person, and it is also an indication of the sturdiness of the treadmill. Look at the maximum user weight rating (which is optimistic) and subtract about 50 pounds for a realistic figure.

Let’s consider your ( maximum user weight at home) weight is 100Kg.

– If you want to use Treadmill just for Brisk walking then you can buy a Treadmill as per maximum user weight published by treadmill manufacturer.

– If you want to use a treadmill for jogging then you need to buy a Treadmill with your user weight +10 Kg. Considering your body weight of 100Kg you need a treadmill with a minimum of 110Kg of Maximum user weight.

– If you want to use Treadmill for Running then you need to buy a Treadmill with your user weight + 20Kg. Considering your body weight of 100Kg you will need a treadmill with a minimum of 120Kg Max.user weight.

Best and top home treadmill in 2021 in India.

Below listed are some of the best available cheaper home treadmill in India ; –

AC MOTOR—- cheaper in online purchase

a. PowerMax Fitness TAC-225 2HP (4HP Peak) Motorized Stainless-Steel Treadmill with Free Installation Assistance, Home Use & Automatic Incline (Grey).

b. Powermax Fitness TAC-230 Treadmill3.4 5 Ratings &  flipkart ₹1000 off₹41,999

c. RPM Fitness Active 1100 Commercial A.C Motor (5 HP Peak Power) Treadmill4.2 22 Ratings & 4 Reviews flipkart ₹54,999₹1,20,99954% off

d. RPM Fitness Active 2200 Commercial A.C Motor (6 HP Peak Power) Treadmill4.1 7 Ratings & 3 Reviews flipkart ₹66,999₹1,35,99950% off

e. PowerMax Fitness TAC-400 4HP (6HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill with Free Installation Assistance, Home Use & Automatic Incline by Powermax Fitness ₹64,900.00


a. PowerMax Fitness TDA-111 SERIES (4.0HP Peak) Motorized Foldable, Electric Treadmill【LCD Display | BMI | Spring Resistance】Running Machine for Max Pro-Workout by Walk, Run & Jog at Home by PowerMax Fitness ₹30,499.00

b. PowerMax Fitness® TDA-100 Series (2.0HP) Motorized Foldable, Electric Treadmill (FREE INSTALLATION)【LED Display | BMI | Spring Resistance】Running Machine for Max Pro-Workout by Walk, Run & Jog at Home by Powermax Fitness India Pvt. Ltd. – MH ₹37,499.00

c. PowerMax Fitness® TDM-100M (2.0HP) Motorized Foldable, Electric Treadmill (FREE INSTALLATION)【LED Display | BMI | Spring Resistance】Running Machine for Max Pro-Workout by Walk, Run & Jog at Homeby PowerMax Fitness₹35,999.00

d. PowerMax Fitness TDM-101 2HP (4HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill with Free Installation Assistance, Home Use & Automatic Programs by PowerMax Fitness ₹23,900.00

e. Fitkit FT063 2HP (3HP Peak) DC-Motorised Treadmill ( Max Speed:14km/hr, Max Weight: 100 Kg ) With Free home installation and Free Diet & Fitness Plan by YONGKANG MIJIA IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD ₹29,899.00

f. Cockatoo CTM14A 2.5HP (5HP Peak) DC Motorized Treadmill for Home with Auto Incline, Max Speed 16Km/Hr, Max User Weight 110 Kg(Free Installation Assistance) by Cockatoo India Pvt. Ltd. ₹29,990.00

g. Stunner Fitness STX-360M Multi Functional 2.0 HP (4.0HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill with Auto Lubrication System, MP3, Smart Phone App for Cardio Workout at Home (Free Installation Assistance)by Stunner Fitness ₹31,999.00

h. Healthgenie 4612A 2HP (4HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill with Auto Incline & Auto-Lubricationby Healthgenie India Private Limited ₹39,999.00

i. Avon TM-160 AUTOMATIC INCLINE HOME USE TREADMILL Treadmill flipkart ₹33,333 ₹67,17150% off

j. Lifelong FitPro 6HP with 48 Preset Programs and 16 level Auto Incline Treadmill4.73 Ratings & 3 Reviews flipkart ₹33,999₹87,00060% off

k. Durafit Tiger 2.0 HP (Peak 4.0 HP) DC Motorized Auto-Incline Treadmill52 Ratings & 1 Reviews flipkart ₹32,999₹39,99917% off



Best and top home treadmill in 2021 .

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